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The artist with Masai elderEiders at Otter Point Acrylic
Storm at Otter Point AcrylicPulple Sandpipers II Acrylic
ContemplationPlace of the Gulls Acrylic
Eastport acrylicThe Beehive Acrylic
Girl With a CatTarengeri Woman Acrylic
Little GirlCoastal Walk
AloneCape Cod Dunes
Testing The WaterBoy on a Beach
SandBeachRainy Day
North WomanBeach Walkers
Big Horns OilYellowstone Morning Acrylic Sketch
Near Otter Point WatercolorPast Master Oil
Eiders in SurfThe Crossing
Time of the LionSharing the Waters
Following The BaitThree Birds
Farm FlowersBlue Hill Bay
The Librarygoldfinch
Naskeag Boat 30 x 40 acrylicMarlboro Beach
Blue Hill HarborWolves
Geese East of Katahdin
From Otter CliffSerengeti
Past Present Future, 12 foot mural commissioned by the Maine State Commission for the Arts for the Enfield Station School
19th Century Logging 12 foot mural, commissioned for the Lincoln MacDonalds